Political overreaction is the new American way

Political overreaction is the new American way
Trump supporters are idiots, a claim that can't be made about Trump haters

[Ed. – Especially among the ‘tolerant’ Left.]

This weekend I read two stories that both, in their own ways, summed up the dysfunction that’s dominating American political life. They’re both tales of action and reaction, of reading far too much into the events of modern life — even modern life in the “age of Trump.” And they both illustrate a core truth of our time: America is losing its sense of proportion and perspective.

… Last week Texas Monthly published a long and sordid tale of a Trump shirt, a temper tantrum, and all the craziness that followed. Our story begins with four teenage girls in line to buy chocolate-chip cookies. One of the girls was wearing a souvenir shirt she bought in Washington, D.C. It bore the name of the current president of the United States.


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Except for the media coverage, stories such as this are playing out all over the American landscape. Neighborhood Facebook groups have grown so contentious that it’s a sad joke. I once belonged to a neighborhood group that systematically censored conservative comments, and when conservatives started a competing “uncensored” page, trolls immediately posted pornographic links on the page to “test their commitment to free speech.”

This is life now.

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