Mulvaney changes name of Elizabeth Warren’s CFPB to BCFP

Mulvaney changes name of Elizabeth Warren’s CFPB to BCFP
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[Ed. – Trump may be having more fun than Mulvaney is, but I tend to doubt it.]

Mick Mulvaney changed the name of an agency he currently heads to “send a message” about following the law, he said Tuesday.

Mulvaney, the acting director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, has changed the agency’s name to the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection to bring it into alignment with the text of the 2010 law that created it.

“We changed the name because it’s the name in the statute,” Mulvaney told reporters Tuesday at the agency. “And if … your whole theme is going to be, ‘we’re going to follow the statute,’ I thought it was a good, small way — but a very visible way — to send a message.” …

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Mulvaney said the changes cost nothing, and are a “good thing,” to the extent that they get people asking about the underlying law.

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