Get your sad face on: Here’s the UN boilerplate Trump wouldn’t sign on to at the G-7

Get your sad face on: Here’s the UN boilerplate Trump wouldn’t sign on to at the G-7
Power seat. A sidebar discussion at the G7 meeting in Quebec, June 2018. (Image via Twitter: Steffen Seibert; photographer Jesco Denzel)

[Ed. – Basically, Trump called the others on the BS, instead of continuing to sign America up for it (and thereby perpetuating the on-paper justification for shaking us down).  Not the collegial approach, to be sure.  But the real difference is not in what “outcomes” the G-7 is committed to, since they never come about anyway; it’s in what America gets shaken down for.  Sure, the other members agree to be shaken down too.  But Trump is saying “No more” on behalf of America.]

The Charlevoix G7 Summit Communiqué that President Trump is now refusing to endorse reads like a United Nations document with phrases such as “sustainable development,” “gender equality and women’s empowerment,” “fair” and “progressive” tax systems, a “level playing field, “affordable healthcare,” a “healthy planet,” and “quality work environments.”

Six of the seven G7 nations — excluding the United States — “reaffirmed their strong commitment” to implement the Paris climate agreement, “through ambitious climate action,” which includes reducing emissions, and “reducing vulnerability.”

The document makes 27 points, laid out in five sections, as follows: Investing in Growth that Works for Everyone; Preparing for Jobs of the Future; Advancing Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment; Building a More Peaceful and Secure World; and Working Together on Climate Change, Oceans and Clean Energy.

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