Russian military building national IT ‘cloud’ to close off from global Internet for warfighting

Russian military building national IT ‘cloud’ to close off from global Internet for warfighting

[Ed. – Of course it is.  It would be stupid not to.  Building the “BRICS cloud” referenced in the article (or BRICS Web, whatever you want to call it) is also inevitable.  Don’t fear these developments.  The splintering of the Internet will bring advantages in how we think about connection and information.  “Single backbone” is always a giant walking hazard for whoever doesn’t control it.  America is 100% as likely as anyone else to learn that in the coming days.]

The Russian military is building a giant cloud, the latest improvement in its ability to keep operating if its connection to the global internet is lost, severed, or hacked.

“Russian Armed Forces will receive a…closed ‘cloud’ storage for proprietary and confidential information,” Izvestia reportedthis week.

The cloud will rely on data centers, built with all-Russian hardware and software at an estimated cost of 390 million rubles (about $6 million) and slated for completion by 2020, the report said. The first center has already been established in the military’s Southern Districtan area that includes the illegally annexed Crimean peninsula and portions of battle-struck eastern Ukraine. …

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The cloud will connect to the Closed Transfer Segment, the Russian military’s massive internal network.  Vladimir Putin’s top IT advisor has said that in wartime, the country could disconnect entirely from the global internet and run commercial traffic on the Closed Transfer Segment.

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