Venezuelan FM accuses Sec. Pompeo of leading a coup d’etat against Maduro

Venezuelan FM accuses Sec. Pompeo of leading a coup d’etat against Maduro

[Ed. – Another instance of Trump starting from an extreme position to provoke action.  Although kicking Venezuela out of the OAS isn’t a good outcome, getting other OAS members to join in doing something useful about Maduro is.  Maduro needs to go.  The whole scene is bad — and if regional OAS members know they have U.S. backing for positive intervention, there’s a fighting chance to avoid the catastrophe of full meltdown, and abandonment of much of Central America to Russia, China, Hezbollah, and the cartels.]

The Venezuelan Foreign Minister accused Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Monday of leading a coup d’etat against the Caracas government.

Jorge Arreaza, the Venezuelan official, promised to fight the “imperalists” to the North. He delivered the strong rebuke following Pompeo’s calls for the Organization of American States to suspend Venezuela from the hemispheric organization.

Pompeo also called on allies to sanction and further isolate the government of Venezuelan leader Nicolás Maduro. …

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In his first remarks to the OAS as Secretary of State, Pompeo called on the foreign ministers and representatives of more than 30 member states to stand up for the [d]emocratic principles they all agreed upon and kick out Venezuela in a vote Tuesday.

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