Don’t blame Trump for $3 gas

Don’t blame Trump for $3 gas

[Ed. – Desperate times call for … lies and twisting of the facts.]

Democrats recently took a brief detour from their identity politics agenda to attack President Trump for the rise in gasoline prices. With the economy booming under Trump with record low unemployment, faster economic growth, rising consumer and business confidence, soaring investment, and pay raises and bonuses for five million workers, Democrats have been longing for any piece of bad news they can find.

They finally found something to complain about in $3 a gallon gas, up about 50 cents a gallon from last year. This pain at the pump has put a damper on summer vacation plans for many Americans. Cue opportunistic Democrats, who are blaming Trump’s Middle East policy.

“President Trump’s reckless decision to pull out of the Iran deal has led to higher oil prices,” said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.). …

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So let’s see if we have this straight. According to Schumer and his Democratic colleagues, Trump doesn’t deserve any credit for the cavalry of good news on the economy, but he is responsible for the one negative piece of news: gas prices. Now for a dose of high octane reality. Almost no serious energy analyst takes this blame Trump spin seriously.

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