Kathy Griffin says Samantha Bee is the real victim

Kathy Griffin says Samantha Bee is the real victim
Kathy Griffin holding Trump head (Image: YouTube screen grab)

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Shockingly, alleged comedian Kathy Griffin is not only backing Samantha Bee for her vicious attack on First Daughter Ivanka Trump, but suggesting Bee is the victim in all this. Griffin, who once posed in an ISIS-style photo with a bloody, mock decapitated Donald Trump head, slammed TBS for apparently forcing Bee to apologize; Griffin tried to launch a campaign of support for Bee, noting the alleged harassment the “Full Frontal” star is receiving.

“Spineless,” wrote Griffin on Thursday. “Support your talent TBS. Instead, you made her apologize.”

Griffin posted the tweet after imploring Bee to refrain from apologizing.

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In another tweet, Griffin attempted to spark a support campaign for Bee, who is allegedly the victim in a scenario in which she called the First Daughter a “feckless c***” and suggested she has an incestuous relationship with the president.

“[Samantha Bee] is facing some crazy s*** right now…not only in her mentions but in letters she’s getting, pressure from network,” wrote Griffin, adding, “if you support [Bee] or just hate that the White House is using its platform to attack a comic, tweet a message of support and include [TBS].”

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