Hmm: Soros pulls all funding for San Diego D.A. race

Hmm: Soros pulls all funding for San Diego D.A. race

[Ed. – The first question: for real?  Or is this just misdirection of some kind?  Soros is too invested in owning people at this political level to simply give up.]

The California Justice & Public Safety PAC, which was established by Soros to support Geneviéve Jones-Wright, a far-left public defender, recently pulled an advertisement depicting District Attorney Summer Stephan as having a backlog of rape kits that needed to be tested. The ad came under fire for being false and misleading.

Now, the PAC is leaving the race entirely. Soros’s PAC has cancelled all future advertisements in support of Jones-Wright, according to television station managers in the region. …

Jones-Wright appeared at a secretive gathering held by the Democracy Alliance, a dark money donor network that was co-founded by Soros, last November to sit on a panel discussion on ramping up funding in district attorney races during the 2018 election cycle.

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