Great again: Trump’s using a long-dormant method to cut federal spending

Great again: Trump’s using a long-dormant method to cut federal spending

[Ed. – Look for Democrats to set up a howl on what’s being cut.  I’m intrigued about the railroad retirement money mentioned in the final paragraph below.  (There’s more in the list; see link.)  If the program ended in 2012, where have the funds been going for the last six years?]

President Trump has found a rarely used legislative tool, one that hasn’t been employed in nearly 20 years, to cut $15.4 billion in wasteful, needless federal spending.

It is Title X of the 1974 Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act that gives Trump the power to propose rescinding unnecessary spending enacted by Congress.

Administration officials say it is only the beginning of many more White House budget-cutting requests to come. …

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The rescissions included $148 million in Agriculture Department funds for “animal and plant disease outbreaks that have already been resolved,” according to The Wall Street Journal. …

Another rescission “would save $47 million at the Federal Transit Administration from an account that has stagnated for 13 years. Yet another would reclaim taxpayer dollars from a Railroad Retirement Board program that ended in 2012.”

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