Trump business associates tried to arrange Trump Tower deal in Moscow in 2016

Trump business associates tried to arrange Trump Tower deal in Moscow in 2016
Capitalist agent in Moscow. (Image: Screen grab of CNN video, YouTube)

[Ed. – This is actually pretty funny, although if it were recounted with less heavy breathing, it could make a valid point. The last couple of lines are the key. No deal was reached.  Trump made clear in late July 2016 — by which point he was the Republican candidate for president — that he wasn’t going to go any further with a potential deal.  The whole BuzzFeed narrative, like Felix Sater’s mood, just collapses at that point; as in, “Why did BuzzFeed just tell me all this?”  That said, it IS a legitimate question whether we should consider it OK for potential presidential candidates and/or their business organizations to be working multi-million-dollar deals with foreign countries during our election cycles.  That goes for any foreign country — not just Russia.  Strong reservations about this seem pretty obvious to me.]

Talks to construct the 100-story building continued even as the presidential candidate alternately bragged about his relationship with Vladimir Putin and rejected suggestions of Russian influence, and as Russian agents worked to sway US public opinion on Trump’s behalf.

While fragments of the Trump Moscow venture have trickled out — most recently in a report last night by Yahoo News — this is the definitive story of the Moscow tower, told from a trove of emails, text messages, congressional testimony, architectural renderings, and other documents obtained exclusively by BuzzFeed News, as well as interviews with key players and investigators. The documents reveal a detailed and plausible plan, well-connected Russian counterparts, and an effort that extended from spearfishing with a Russian developer on a private island to planning for a mid-campaign trip to Moscow for the presidential candidate himself.

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