Obama worries ‘our values’ under President Trump ‘are not being upheld’

Obama worries ‘our values’ under President Trump ‘are not being upheld’

[Ed. – Which values would those be, sport?]

Former President Barack Obama sounded off on President Trump during a discussion at the ATD International Conference & Exposition in San Diego on Monday.

“I’ve been trying to be careful about not editorializing too much. When I get worried about our country, or the world, it is not around a particular issue,” Obama said. “I worry when our values are not being upheld.”

“Our democracy, just like any organization, can’t work if, for example, we don’t insist on facts. Like, facts are really useful,” Obama said. “We can’t make good decisions if we don’t at least agree on the facts.”

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“I mean this in all seriousness. It is important for us to make sure, regardless of our political proclivities, that the values underlining this great country don’t get eroded, because situationally, in this particular circumstance, it’s convenient for us to abandon our values to get what we want,” Obama said.

Obama then said that kind of short-term thinking “carries grave consequences,” because our kids are watching what we do.

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