Stormy Daniels’s lawyer is making stuff up about probe into Trump’s lawyer

Stormy Daniels’s lawyer is making stuff up about probe into Trump’s lawyer
Michael Avenatti (Image: YouTube screen grab via MSNBC)

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Last week I discussed the defamation suit Avenatti filed on behalf of Daniels against the president over a tweet. Finally, CNN contributor and legal analyst Paul Callan called out Avenatti to his face, and said the lawsuit was a “publicity stunt.”

True to form, Avenatti acted like a complete buffoon in response. At one point, Callan mentioned Daniels had appeared in 200 to 500 pornographic movies. Avenatti interrupted him and asked, “From what you’ve read or what you seen?” How can anyone take Avenatti seriously when he continues to act like a jack-ss?

When pressed by Callan on actual legal questions, Avenatti became flustered and childishly cried “You’ve got to stop interrupting me!” It was nice to finally see someone push back at Avenatti’s nonsense.

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Avenatti has repeatedly and consistently insisted he has not been wrong in his declarations. (I specifically remember him saying this because it’s a really stupid proclamation to make.) Well, we won’t be hearing that silly claim anymore. On Thursday, he was on MSNBC and just made stuff up about Trump lawyer Michael Cohen and the alleged “wiretap.” I’m not exaggerating.

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