GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski says Mueller should follow Russia inquiry ‘wherever it takes him’

GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski says Mueller should follow Russia inquiry ‘wherever it takes him’
Sen. Lisa Murkowski (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – Interesting to come out with this statement at this late point in the witch hunt where federal judges are rebuking the Mueller prosecution for overstepping its bounds.]

Alaska Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski said this week that the Russia investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller III should be allowed to proceed to its natural end and that she would support legislation approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee to protect the inquiry.

Murkowski, in a wide-ranging interview with the Daily News-Miner editorial board Wednesday, also praised the FBI and said the agency has a “a serious and significant role” in the investigation.

“I have said all along that Mueller should be allowed to take this investigation wherever it takes him and his team,” she said. “And I said that at the beginning and I repeat that, because I believe very, very firmly in that. And I think any efforts to thwart that are dangerous.

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“If the investigation takes them to an additional turn that needs to be followed, I think this is what we’re asking for when we ask for an independent investigation,” she said. “That means that the president can’t meddle. That means that the attorney general can’t meddle. That means that the United States Senate can’t meddle, and I just firmly believe that they should be able to take it where it goes.”

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