With Stormy Daniels payoff revelation, Giuliani knows exactly what he’s doing

With Stormy Daniels payoff revelation, Giuliani knows exactly what he’s doing

[Ed. – So does Trump.  The space this idiotic media frenzy is giving him to focus on other things — without media interference — is what should interest us.  I consider it unlikely that Jeff Sessions, just to take one example, suddenly turned into a non-sentient microorganism when he was sworn in as attorney general.  My guess is he’s getting things done that he needs breathing space from leaks and media attention to accomplish.  Show Sessions’ hand even once, and it’s game over.  Trump benefits from noisy distractions, and clearly has the nerves for them.]

Somewhat lost in the Sean Hannity interview where Rudy spilled the beans was his offer to have the president sit down with Mueller for two to three hours to answer questions within a limited scope. The message from Giuliani, which he made clear when he joined the president’s legal team, is that it’s been more than a year and we need some answers.

Just about an hour before Giuliani broke the news cycle, former Trump campaign official Michael Caputo was on cable news recounting his experience being interviewed by the Mueller team. He said something interesting. He said the Mueller investigation knows more about the Trump campaign than anyone who worked on it. This is telling.

If the Mueller investigation, which the White House has cooperated with, has every bit of information regarding the campaign, what more does it need to tell the American people if collusion with Russia took place? This is the question Giuliani is asking.

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