Iran promotes new messaging app with ‘Death to America’ emojis

Iran promotes new messaging app with ‘Death to America’ emojis
Death to America emojis (Image via Sputnik News)

[Ed. – Paid for out of the $150 billion in funds Obama unfroze.]

Last week, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei deleted the highly popular messaging app Telegram, having opted for a domestically-produced alternative.

Tehran is advancing the new “Soroush” instant messenger, encouraging people to abandon the Telegram network “in line with safeguarding national interests.” Among peculiar features on the new Iranian-made app are multiple emojis, featuring women wearing veils, suggesting going pray, holding a picture of Khamenei, as well as signs wishing “death” to America, Israel and freemasons.

The Soroush app has become quite popular among the Quds Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps: five “lucky” people, taking part in the competition, may receive gold coins for signing up. It was announced on the force’s Telegram channel.

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The new messenger, currently claiming some five million users, is somewhat reminiscent of Telegram, as it allows people to join channels, follow news and manage business on the social platform. However, many are concerned over privacy issues.

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