Alfie Evans and the invisible Church of England

Alfie Evans and the invisible Church of England
Baby Alfie Evans in February 2018, still on life support. (Image: Screen grab of LifeSiteNews video, YouTube)

[Ed. – When the church and state are unseparated.]

As Alfie Evans dies under the government of England, the Church of England remains (un)mysteriously silent and invisible.

Alfie is a toddler with an undiagnosed but devastating neurological disease. After his doctors decided that it was best for Alfie to die, the UK Court of Appeals ruled in their favor and against Alfie’s parents. On April 25th, Alfie was barred from leaving the country. Over the past few days, an outpouring of support and prayer has come from all parts of the world, including from the Pope himself and Vatican doctors. Meanwhile, the Church of England and its leadership say nothing.

How could any church stay quiet on this issue? Simply answered, the Church of England belongs to the State of England. As a state church, the Church of England answers ultimately to the government, a government that has just condemned Alfie Evans to the verdict of a hospital. But is the church’s obligation to the state the only reason for its silence?

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