Photo of students saying grace sparks anti-Christian hatred

Photo of students saying grace sparks anti-Christian hatred

[Ed. – Maybe they should have chanted it in Arabic.]

Who knew that a photo of a few high school seniors saying grace in a restaurant before their prom would inspire a wave of anti-Christian prejudice?

A great many Christians and conservatives for one. While most forms of prejudice are now frowned upon, hatred and discrimination against Christians is proudly embraced by some on the left in America and by some regimes in foreign lands.

What a horrible thing it is to have faith in God and Jesus Christ!

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A journalist in Oakland, California innocently posted the photo sent to him by the mother of one of the teens and – much like Kanye West “breaking Twitter” because he dared to actually think for himself and say something nice about President Trump – this heartwarming photo is blowing up Facebook.


With so much carnage, pain, heartache, and real and manufactured personal division in our news on a daily basis, why is so much hate, anger and fear directed at such a simple and uplifting photo? Shouldn’t we be celebrating the goodness depicted in such a scene?

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