Why Donald Trump won’t run again in 2020

Why Donald Trump won’t run again in 2020

[Ed. – Not sure I buy this one.  The comparison sequence of events seems to have a tested sample size of…1.]

So I’ve been trying hard to figure [Trump] out for over a year now, and the idea that he’d run for a second term at the age of 74 has always seemed to me to make no sense. …

Today, I finally got a tell.  He won’t admit it yet, but he will not seek re-election.

Nancy Reagan, like Melania Trump, was the guardian of her husband and his place in history.  She did a great job, except in her 1985 choice of a presidential biographer.  She picked Edmund Morris, based on his wonderful biography of Theodore Roosevelt, Theodore Rex.  Her misjudgement [sic] resulted in Dutch: A Memoir of Ronald Reagan, the worst presidential “biography” ever written.

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Melania Trump is determined not to repeat Nancy’s mistake, and with a little more than a thousand days left in his term, she has chosen Ronald Kessler as the official biographer of President Donald Trump.

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