Biased border interview that got Hungarian activist excluded from UK

Biased border interview that got Hungarian activist excluded from UK

[Ed. – I may not agree with everything this fellow says, but it is appalling that he would be refused entry at the border for saying it. What I’m not sure the European authorities of today see is that they are trying to preserve an inherently unstable situation that cannot continue.  Pathetically, it is not they who will remain in power.]

Breitbart London has obtained the official UK Border Force interview with Hungarian Identitarian leader Abel Bodi, who was refused entry to the UK Friday. The interview — which sees Bodi admit to opposing “Islamisation” — was used as “evidence” of the activist’s “extremist views”. …

Below are excerpts from the full interview which took place for exactly one hour on Friday evening in which the officer asked Bodi a total of 51 questions:


BFO: There are people coming in illegally, why is that a threat?

Bodi: They can do what they want. Crimes maybe. They can stay as long as they want. …

BFO: Your speech indicates that you wish to stop further Islamisation, can you explain this?

Bodi: They may want to aggresively push there (sp) ideologies. …

BFO: So is it specifically Islamic immigrants you don’t like?

Bodi: No any illegal immigrants. The majority of illegal immigrants into Europe recently have been of the Islamic faith.

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