Twitter officially removes, replaces pistol emoji

Twitter officially removes, replaces pistol emoji
Image via The Sun

[Ed. – We sure feel safer!]

Twitter has finally killed off the pistol emoji, following the lead of fellow tech giants such as Apple, Samsung and WhatsApp.

Instead, the icon has been replaced with a cartoon water pistol, which is designed to look less threatening — but some users are furious about the decision.

These new changes are part of Twitter’s latest Twemoji 2.6 update.

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The social network regularly adds, removes and changes emojis — and the pistol ban is arguably long overdue.

Twitter’s original emoji design for the pistol looked clearly like a revolver, with a brown stock, a short barrel and an obvious revolving cylinder for bullets.

But the new version is green and clearly looks like a water pistol.

Obvious defining features on the new emoji include a fun curved shape, an orange tip and a plasticky yellow trigger.

The change is likely a bid to help clean up Twitter’s reputation online.

Twitter has been struggling to get to grips with trolling, bullying, harassment and threats of violence on the platform.

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