Millennials are ditching honeymoons for ‘manymoons’

Millennials are ditching honeymoons for ‘manymoons’

After saying “I do,” many millennial newlyweds are forsaking the traditional honeymoon for a new trend: the “many-moon.” Between their sense of adventure and career-focused lifestyles, a few quick getaways through the first year of marriage are both more exciting and practical than a traditional two-week tropical vacation, one expert says.

“Today’s couples don’t want to sit on the same beach for 10 days straight. Often, they want to mix it up and yes, sip some cocktails in Tulum but at the same time, they want to take in the artists season in Prague,” wedding planner Amy Shey Jacobs told Yahoo Lifestyle on April 12 of the “many-moon” phenomenon. “It’s easier to do that by taking shorter trips to more places.”

According to the latest Romance Travel Study from The Knot, roughly 82% of newlyweds are opting for two- to five-day romantic getaways after the big day, USA Today reports. A few exotic trips are only [sic: not] only appealing, but smart a smart career move, for many hardworking lovebirds.

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