Trying to trans-ition in the military is how I know it’s a bad idea

Trying to trans-ition in the military is how I know it’s a bad idea

[Ed. – See one section heading, for example: “Spending Taxpayer Money Ruining People’s Lives.”  The difference between Jamie Shupe and the handful of service members we hear from in the MSM is that Shupe fits the real-world statistical profile of people with gender dysphoria.  I wish him peace and a better future.]

Not only were my hormonal treatments a horrific failure, the whole transition process actually caused my gender dysphoria to worsen. Therapy didn’t help resolve that. While I went into the transition process “feeling different” from my male peers and believing that I shared the feelings biological females experience, once I was formally diagnosed with gender dysphoria and indoctrinated to believe that I was actually a female, I then had the crushing pressure of having to actually look like one.

As noted by the Pentagon’s panel of experts, transgender people have a 41 percent attempted or completed suicide rate. The panel also noted rampant suicidal ideation by those afflicted with gender dysphoria. As the patient and recipient of these unscientifically proven treatments, and as a guinea pig for the toxic ideology that one can change his or her sex, I’ve come to believe the whole transition process is tragically and fatally flawed. The proof is in the suicide statistics and the rampant suicidal ideation.

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