Parisian museum allows visitors to walk inside famous paintings

Parisian museum allows visitors to walk inside famous paintings

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A new museum in Paris is letting visitors experience art from the inside: guests can walk around inside blown-up versions of famous paintings.

The museum is called Atelier des Lumières, which translates to the Studio of Lights, and it features enlarged depictions of popular artwork that cover walls and even sprawl to the floors and ceilings.

The immersive experience is managed by a company called Culturespaces, and it opens this week.

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The museum’s first exhibit features work by Gustav Klimt and Friedensreich Hundertwasser, both artists born in Vienna.

Klimt was a dressmaker and artist during the 19th century who created portraits and landscapes.

Hundertwasser became prominent a number of decades after Klimt did, and his artwork features abstract shapes and bright colors.

A curated soundtrack plays at the museum while visitors explore the artwork

President of Culturespaces Bruno Monneir announced the opening of the museum.

He said: ‘The role of an art center is to decompartmentalize, and that is why digital technology is so important in twenty-first century exhibitions.

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