Trump admin protects pro-life Americans forced to buy pro-abortion insurance under Obamacare

Trump admin protects pro-life Americans forced to buy pro-abortion insurance under Obamacare

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Pro-life Americans who are forced to buy insurance under Obamacare have a new exemption, thanks to the Trump administration.

Among the new rules released Monday by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is an exemption for pro-lifers whose only insurance options are plans that cover elective abortions, the AP reports.

A number of Obamacare plans subsidized by taxpayers include elective abortions. While 26 states did opt out of the abortion coverage under Obamacare, 24 and the District of Columbia did not. In those states, some pro-lifers have been forced either to buy plans that cover elective abortions or pay the penalty for not having insurance.

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The new exemption would provide relief to people who morally object to the killing of unborn babies.

Washington Post reports more about the new exemptions:

People living in areas where only one insurer is selling plans in the marketplace now can qualify for a “hardship exemption.” So can people who oppose abortion and live in places where the only available plan covers abortion services. Federal health officials and private researchers have shown that about half of U.S. counties have only one ACA insurer this year.

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