Gorsuch’s first year: an anniversary worth celebrating

Gorsuch’s first year: an anniversary worth celebrating
Justice Anthony Kennedy (right) swearing in Neil Gorsuch (Image: CNN video screen grab)

[Ed. – Unless you’re a liberal.]

April 10 is a day worth celebrating: It marks Justice Neil Gorsuch’s first anniversary on the United States Supreme Court. Gorsuch has proven himself to be precisely the type of person President Trump pledged he would nominate to the bench, someone in the mold of the late Justice Antonin Scalia: an impartial judge who applies laws as they are written and shows an abiding respect for the rights guaranteed by the Constitution. Moreover, he has been an articulate spokesman for this approach to judging, showing strength and integrity and achieving a remarkable reputation for a first-year justice.

Gorsuch’s decisions so far show a firm commitment to protecting our First Amendment rights. This is clear from what was perhaps the highest profile case his tenure so far, Trinity Lutheran Church v. Comer. In this case, a church fought a Missouri policy that denied certain public benefits to religious organizations. Gorsuch joined the majority in the 7-2 ruling that the state couldn’t deny the benefit merely because Trinity Lutheran Church is a house of worship.

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