A leftist assassinated William McKinley. Now leftists want to erase his memory

A leftist assassinated William McKinley. Now leftists want to erase his memory
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[Ed. – This is about the proposal of a small California town to pull down its statue of President William McKinley, who was assassinated shortly after taking office in 1901.  Ben Bowles chronicled it earlier this week.  One of Daniel Greenfield’s commenters aptly calls this post a masterpiece.  He’s right.  Read the whole thing.]

In his confession, [Leon Czolgosz, McKinley’s assassin] wrote that, “I read books on socialism and met a great many Socialists.” …

That was also Lee Harvey Oswald’s story. He read books on socialism and looked for someone to kill.

The left is not fighting racism, sexism, homophobia, income inequality or war. It is fighting us. It is not tearing down statues because they memorialize racists, but because they memorialize Americans. …

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The cult of the left worships history as the tea leaves forecasting an inevitable future. It is convinced that if it can rewrite history, it will write the future. It does this, as everything else, through lies, special pleading, hysterical outrage, self-righteous threats and finally the inevitable violence.

“No one would wish to hurt me,” President McKinley had said. Czolgosz, Obama and the Arcata [CA] City Council disagree. They want to hurt him. And all the rest of us.

And if they get their way, they will bully us, enslave us, kill us and finally erase us from history.

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