Trump supporters should think twice before applauding ‘Roseanne 2.0’

Trump supporters should think twice before applauding ‘Roseanne 2.0’

[Ed. – Don’t confuse a TV character for the actor playing the role.]

A challenge of this populist age is separating authentic outsiders with usefully unorthodox political perspectives from rank kooks looking to exploit a moment of open-mindedness.

Roseanne Barr provides a good study.

The popular reboot of her blue-collar sitcom after a two-decade slumber has been widely heralded as a populist victory by much of the pro-Trump Right, given the decision to cast Roseanne’s character as a Trump voter. That Roseanne the woman is herself a Trump supporter only advances the notion that the show is a populist win, and many critics and viewers have offered the MAGA factor as the sole variable explaining the program’s popularity. …

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As conservatives who have watched the show have observed, however, the politics of Roseanne 2.0 are quite a hodgepodge of class consciousness and political correctness that amount to, as Ben Shapiro tweeted, a sort of “Hollywood fantasy of what Trump voters are: people who agree with Hollywood elites on values, but just disagree on economics because they’re old white factory workers.” The liberal actress Whitney Cummings, a writer and producer of the series, has vowed that episodes beyond the premiere “are going to piss off conservatives.”

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