DOJ: Court challenge to new CA law allowing state to intervene in federal land sales to private buyers

DOJ: Court challenge to new CA law allowing state to intervene in federal land sales to private buyers

[Ed. – What a fascinating modern age we live in.  This is certainly an issue that needs deep thinking.  The California law may be out of line, although I’m not sure.  It’s not egregiously ridiculous, however, unlike many of California’s recent experiments in hallucinatory law.  Meanwhile, the federal court challenge is well within the realm of common sense.  The Supreme Court may have to ask Cliven Bundy to come school them on the traditional concepts of land ownership conferred on us by the Brits.  This will be one to watch.]

In its latest legal salvo against California, the Department of Justice announced Monday it is filing suit against what it branded an “extreme’’ state law that tries to give California power to veto sales of federal land to private interests.

The state law, which was signed into law in 2017, gave state officials the right to purchase any federal land in California the U.S. government tries to sell to private ownership. About 50 percent of California is public land.

Justice officials argue the state law is unconstitutional under the supremacy clause, which says when state laws conflict with federal laws the federal law is the ultimate authority and because it discriminates against land sales by the federal government specifically.

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