An entertaining reminder of how anti-factual Politifact’s ‘fact checks’ often are

An entertaining reminder of how anti-factual Politifact’s ‘fact checks’ often are

[Ed. – Are you not entertained?  Guy Benson acknowledges this is a few weeks old now.  But he makes his case, and he’s right: it’s funny, and really good to keep in mind when you see that Politifact has “fact-checked” something.]

In the course [of] researching this post about vulnerable 2018 Senate Democrats on Thursday, I was looking for a link to North Dakota Sen. Heidi Heitkamp high-fiving Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer after casting an extreme vote on abortion.  A Politifact analysis popped up as the top result in my web search, producing a rating of this claim — used by Republicans to criticize Heitkamp — as “false.”  False?  I read on, quickly discovering that their justification for this rating was comically stupid:

The footage shows Heitkamp walking into the chamber… She responds to the clerk’s roll call in the negative [i.e., casts a “no” vote – Ed.] … Heitkamp reaches her hand out to meet Schumer’s… They clasp hands, exchange a few inaudible words, and let go… The vote was about halfway through, so the hand clasp was not in reaction to a final tally. Typical high fives involve slapping of two hands in celebration. This was a very gradual meeting of awkwardly waving hands.

The piece goes on to quote Democratic spokespeople denying that the high five was related to the abortion vote.  Ergo, “false!”

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