Low morale, sorrow of being underappreciated at federal agencies under Trump

Low morale, sorrow of being underappreciated at federal agencies under Trump

[Ed. – Poor dears.  Imagine losing your job in your 40s or 50s, and never getting anything comparable back, as hundreds of thousands did because of Obama’s destructive regulatory policies.  Imagine your industry transformed from living-wage full-time work to part-time jobs and outsourcing, all to evade Obama’s regulatory juggernaut — leaving you and millions of other Americans materially worse off.  Note, meanwhile: the Border Patrol is happy.  That’s a good thing, since CBP does something the federal government is actually supposed to do.]

At the State Department, the mood is so sour that even veteran career officials regularly consider leaving.

“There are days I want to leave and work for someone who respects me and appreciates my skills and expertise. I’m worried people years from now will somehow associate me with the very worst of this administration,” one State Department official said. …

Meanwhile, Border Patrol agents and other immigration hardliners in the government are delighted by Trump.

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“We’re walking on air,” said one U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement employee. “We’re actually getting someone who supports our mission. We’re getting the respect we deserve for all the crap we have to deal with.” …

A second EPA official said employees have been demoralized by what they see as Pruitt’s eagerness to roll back as many environmental regulations as possible. They are watching rules they worked on unravel, and in many cases, are the ones doing the unraveling.

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