So-called ‘common sense’ gun laws do take away your right to self defense

So-called ‘common sense’ gun laws do take away your right to self defense

[Ed. – A bracing reminder.]

In August 2010, Canadian Ian Thompson woke up to find four masked men standing in his lawn shouting death threats and tossing firebombs at his home and around his property. Sadly, the minute or so it took for Thompson to retrieve his firearm from its locked container, load it, and come out to fire three warning shots at the intruders to scare them off was too short for Canadian authorities, who charged Thompson with having his ammunition too “readily accessible” to his firearm.

What’s the point of having “common sense” gun laws, after all, if you can access your firearm before firebombers are able to successfully burn your house down?

Before settling on the “careless storage of a firearm” charge, which was eventually dismissed by a judge, authorities had tried to charge Thompson with “careless use” and “pointing” a firearm. They apparently realized that a jury might sympathize with a homeowner using a gun against men trying to burn his home down. Thankfully, Thompson ended up beating the rap on this one, but not the ride…

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