Conservative hysteria over omnibus is wrong and self-defeating

Conservative hysteria over omnibus is wrong and self-defeating
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[Ed. – Looking for the silver lining?]

Conservatives are understandably frustrated by the $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill that President Donald Trump signed into law, under protest, on Friday.

The massive size of the bill makes a mockery of Republican promises since 2009 to restrain spending and return to balanced budget once they returned to power.


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But the omnibus is not a disaster. In fact, Republicans scored many important wins.

One is the fact that the bill provides massive new spending for defense — “the largest year-to-year increase in base funding for the Department of Defense in 15 years,” according to the bill’s authors.

That funding was badly needed — and will not easily be reversed.


Most conservatives — from skeptical libertarians to hawkish neoconservatives — agree that national security is the first priority of government. The new defense spending will help the U.S. military catch up to the pace of Chinese expansion, and keep other threats in check.

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