March for Our Lives students demand ‘revolution’ and ‘restorative justice’

March for Our Lives students demand ‘revolution’ and ‘restorative justice’
Anti-gun "March for Our Lives." Mar 2018. (Image via Townhall)

[Ed. – It’s not the kids’ fault.  They’re being used.  That said, the Astro Turf here might seem state-of-the-art, in terms of using social media and having modern, hi-def video.  But the vibe is pure 1968 th’owback.  This is so fake, it’s like watching WWE and having someone demand that we believe it’s the iconic freestyle wrestling programs of Iowa and Oklahoma State competing for the NCAA title.]

David Hogg has been the most vocal, or at least the person with the most media attention, of the student organizers of this event. Consistently, he has called for tighter gun control. But, his messaging has taken a turn in recent days to instead focus on perceived racial injustice and white privilege. Ryan Saavedra of The Daily Wire has done excellent job capturing the increasingly leftist talking point spouted by these students. …

In an interview with ABC News, Hogg said that for him this is now the start of a lifelong mission.

Then at the March for Our Lives rally, Kasky told the crowd, “Welcome to the revolution.” …

Edna Chavez, whose brother was tragically killed in Los Angeles due to gun violence, offered the suggestion of a Department of Restorative Justice in schools instead of armed police.

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