Millennials aren’t saving for retirement because they think capitalism ‘won’t exist by then’

Millennials aren’t saving for retirement because they think capitalism ‘won’t exist by then’

[Ed. – Some of them seem to actually be counting on SMOD to hit too.  Darn good thing we got rid of that whole “God” concept where you had rules and accountability, and it all meant something.  Complete irrationality is MUCH better.]

In an incredible article on Salon, a full two-thirds of millennials admit that they haven’t started a savings account for their golden years. But, perhaps more shocking, a significant group of millennials seem to believe they don’t need to, because by the time they’re old enough to stop working, America will have become a Socialist Workers paradise which will no longer require them to meet financial obligations. …

“When I’m at retirement age, around 2050, I think it’s possible we will have seen a breakdown in modern society,” one millennial told Salon, suggesting that “capitalism” will have morphed into a “complete Plutocracy” by then, even though what the United States has now is not actually pure “capitalism.”

Another had an even wilder idea. “Capitalism might still exist [in 2050], but I don’t expect people will be happy about it,” he said. “[M]y ideal economic model is one where all basic necessities are abundant and free, everyone works a few hours a week at the necessary chores of society like garbage collection and machine maintenance, then has the rest of their lives free to pursue whatever projects—be they art, leisure, or industry—that they desire.”

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