Liberal millionaires Sanders, Warren to lecture on wealth inequality

Liberal millionaires Sanders, Warren to lecture on wealth inequality

[Ed. – How much are they charging?]

Sens. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, and Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., will join filmmaker Michael Moore Monday to take their anti-capitalism message on the road at an online wealth inequality town hall.

The first two gamed the system for their own professional and financial gain; the last made a career of telling the world that capitalism is evil, while reaping its rewards. All are millionaires.

Sanders tweeted a video promotion of the event last week, calling its subject matter “one of the defining issues of our time.” Whether it is or isn’t, are these the ones who should take the pulpit to do the preaching?

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It was enough for The Weekly Standard’s Jim Swift to ask (with tongue planted firmly in cheek), “is this a wealth seminar”?

Well, no, but it should be. Take Warren for example.

The Boston Globe reported that in the two-year period of 2010-2011, she earned in excess of $700,000 in teaching and outside work, including $43,938 in consulting fees for Travelers Insurance on cases involving asbestos victims.

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