Huge surge in people getting high on bug spray

Huge surge in people getting high on bug spray
Pssst. Splat. (Image: LU)

[Ed. – First the Tide pods. Now this. I’m feeling more and more left out.  I mean, none of this even makes sense.]

US health officials have seen a surge in the number of people using bug spray to get high.

In the last year the alarming trend has been reported in Mississippi, Tennessee and most recently Indiana. …

The active ingredients in bug spray, called pyrethroids, are considered to be safe in small exposures.

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However, exposure to high concentrations can cause respiratory distress and over-activity in the central nervous system that leads to sweating, muscle spasms or seizure, and the risk of falling into a coma.

‘It’s why we use it on bugs, because it overstimulates the bug, they have the equivalent of seizures and die,’ Indiana Poison Center’s medical director Daniel Rusyniak told the IndyStar.

In Indianapolis, KD is the street name for a group of bug spray-laced drugs including marijuana, spice, tobacco and banana leaves.

Firefighter Scott Lebherz told the IndyStar that bags of KD are sold for about $20 and create a catatonic high for about 45 minutes.

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