Hacker who turned in Chelsea Manning to FBI found dead

Hacker who turned in Chelsea Manning to FBI found dead

[Ed. – Sounds like a Clinton mob hit.]

Authorities in Kansas have confirmed the death of the computer hacker who turned in Chelsea Manning to law enforcement for giving thousands of documents to WikiLeaks.

Adrian Lamo, 37, was found dead in an apartment on Wednesday, Wichita police officer Charley Davidson said.

“There’s nothing suspicious about his death,” Davidson said, though he would not elaborate.

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The Regional Forensic Science Center has not released a cause of death yet, though toxicology tests typically take several weeks to complete.

Lamo had lived in Wichita for more than a year, said Lorraine Murphy, who called herself his friend and colleague. She did not know what brought him to Kansas.

When she sent him a message in December 2016 asking him what he was up to, he replied “homeless in Wichita.”

“Adrian was always homeless or on the verge of it,” Murphy said via Facebook messages. “He bounced around a great deal, for no particular reason.

“He was a believer in the Geographic Cure. Whatever goes wrong in your life, moving will make it better. And he knew people all over the country.”

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