Why isn’t Trump tweeting about where the Russian agents of influence really are?

Why isn’t Trump tweeting about where the Russian agents of influence really are?

[Ed. – It’s actually an interesting question, because I doubt it’s due to lack of knowledge about these Russian activities. Trump isn’t a fool. When he’s silent, it probably means he doesn’t want to tip his hand about something.  Very good article by Kengor; read the whole thing.]

As Kevin Mooney reported in two exclusives (posted here and here), there indeed appears to be some serious Russian meddling going on. It’s not, however, the meddling being pushed by the party line at CNN and MSNBC. This meddling would be Russian funding of U.S. environmental groups, which, in turn, used those Russian resources to work against fracking in the United States and the Keystone pipeline.

“While allegations of the Donald Trump campaign colluding with Russians to alter the presidential election outcome remain unproven at best,” wrote Mooney, “a clear money trail and U.S. intelligence reports demonstrate Russia’s active campaign of funding U.S. environmental groups.”

To put it succinctly: These reports suggest some sort of collusion or cooperation between U.S. environmental groups and Putin’s Russia, working together to undermine America’s crucial domestic energy sector. This sector is a boom industry, tremendous for our workers. It has resurrected the Rustbelt.

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