Illegal immigrants cost Texas $12.36 billion a year — 10% of state budget

Illegal immigrants cost Texas $12.36 billion a year — 10% of state budget

[Ed. – But they add diversity, which makes it all worthwhile … or something.]

Illegal immigrants aren’t cheap.  In fact, they cost America nearly $150 billion a year, just in terms of tax dollars and remittances.

But of course the illegal population isn’t dispersed evenly throughout the country: places like California have lots, while others, like Montana, have very few.

For example: in California, 1 in 6 school age children are illegal immigrants or anchor babies—no wonder aliens cost California some $30.29 billion a year.

But this raises another question; how much are other States paying?

In this article I look specifically at the cost of illegal immigration in Texas, which is home to an estimated 13% of America’s illegal aliens.

Illegal immigrants, and their children, cost Texans a net $12.36 billion a year. That works out to roughly $6,000 per alien.

Of this, $10.03 billion came out of taxpayer pockets.

Given that Texas’s biennial budget for 2016-2017 was 209.4 billion this means that illegal immigrants eat up 9.6% of their budget ended up being spent spent on illegal immigrants.

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