GOP: It’s our candidates, stupid

GOP: It’s our candidates, stupid

[Ed. – I agree.  I’ve got nothing against Rick Saccone, but when the Democrats in red country Pennsylvania are running a young ex-military guy who claims to be pro-life and pro-2A, Saccone just looks “establishment” and “so busted” by comparison.  Wise up, GOP.  2018 is not the year to “play it safe.”  There IS no “safe.”]

It’s not the message; it’s the messenger. At least in this instance—in fact in too many recent instances—it’s the candidate, stupid.

It’s time for the Republican Party to ask itself why it is running such abysmal candidates. First with Roy Moore for the senator from Alabama, of all places, and now with Rick Saccone in Pennsylvania, the GOP seems to be picking some of the least charismatic, most old-fashioned dullards in the country. They are reinforcing the cliché that to be a Republican is to be out of synch with the modern world.

Think of this from the perspective of the younger voter, anyone under forty for that matter, and you will see what I mean. Moore, and to a somewhat lesser extent Saccone, seems to come from another era.

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And it’s not a question of the candidate’s actual age—although that can help—it’s a question of his or her energy. Trump, as we know, has plenty of that—maybe even in excess. And it’s also not a question of conservative ideas being old or out of date.  They can be more modern and forward thinking than liberal/progressive ideas with the right messenger. But you have to have that person.

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