Actor’s choice of whom to rescue from Venezuela: Zoo animals

Actor’s choice of whom to rescue from Venezuela: Zoo animals

[Ed. – I’m sorry for the animals too, but this is just more evidence of mixed-up priorities.]

A massive, C-130 Hercules cargo plane lands in western Venezuela, loads up starving and sick zoo animals in the dead of night and then transfers them to national parks around the world.

But that’s exactly what Raul Julia-Levy — an animal rights activist and actor who is hounded by controversy — is hoping to do.

Jarred by images of bone-thin lions and grim reports that zookeepers have resorted to feeding “lesser” zoo animals to hungry carnivores amid a nationwide hunger crisis, Julia-Levy is lobbying Venezuela to green-light a mass evacuation. …

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Venezuela has been producing such grim news lately that many have become numb to it. Hyperinflation, food shortages, rampant crime and political turmoil are fueling a mass exodus and reports of crushing hunger.

But even amid that news, the fate of Venezuela’s zoo animals has triggered a new round of shock.

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