‘It’s time to give socialism a try’?

‘It’s time to give socialism a try’?

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Columnist Elizabeth Bruenig suggested Tuesday in The Washington Post that, “It’s time to give socialism a try.”

“Not to be confused for a totalitarian nostalgist, I would support a kind of socialism that would be democratic and aimed primarily at decommodifying labor, reducing the vast inequality brought about by capitalism, and breaking capital’s stranglehold over politics and culture,” she wrote.

Her piece appears to be based on the fundamental misconception that people in a capitalist society struggle to obtain their own individual piece of the economic pie.

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While there may be but one “economic pie” in a socialist society, in capitalism, each person is given the freedom to create his own pie.

Turn of the century examples include Carnegie, Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, and Morgan — the giants who built America. But success stories aren’t limited to that era, where ruthlessness and cutthroat business practices were the norm.

Despite excessive taxation and crippling regulations, modern-day examples of American entrepreneurs abound.

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