In CA cities’ lawsuit against big oil, fed judge orders landmark ‘tutorial’ for court on ‘climate change’

In CA cities’ lawsuit against big oil, fed judge orders landmark ‘tutorial’ for court on ‘climate change’

[Ed. – Interestingly, the judge might be setting himself for reversal by doing this.  It’s by no means clear that the tutorial is necessary to decide the point of law.  Factoring it into the court’s ruling may be grounds for reversal down the road.  The enviro industry is excited that oil companies will be “forced” to argue their view of “climate change” in court, but there’s no guarantee that that will work in the climate change lobby’s favor.]

A federal judge in San Francisco has ordered parties in a landmark global warming lawsuit to hold what could be the first-ever U.S. court hearing on the science of climate change.

The proceeding, scheduled for March 21 by U.S. District Court Judge William Alsup, will feature lawyers for Exxon, BP, Chevron and other oil companies pitted against those for San Francisco and Oakland — California cities that have accused fossil fuel interests of covering up their role in contributing to global warming. …

Experts on both sides say Alsup’s call for a climate change “tutorial” is unlike anything they’ve heard of before. …

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Alsup, appointed to the bench by former President Bill Clinton, has a reputation for immersing himself in the technicalities of legal cases. He famously taught himself the Java programming language in deciding a lawsuit that pitted Silicon Valley giants Oracle against Google. More recently, he asked lawyers for a tutorial on self-driving car technology in a lawsuit that pits Google’s Waymo against Uber.

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