Italian election: Italy ‘ungovernable,’ and therefore, predictably, ecstatic

Italian election: Italy ‘ungovernable,’ and therefore, predictably, ecstatic

[Ed. – If you can’t love the Italians, you can’t love anything. We’ll see if the Euroskeptics of Five Star can put together some kind of coalition.  The real point about Italy is that there will be so many ways in which it doesn’t even matter.  The north will keep industriously generating revenue and jobs; the south will keep circulating around its civilization of half-constructed buildings and unpaid taxes.  Viva Italia!]

The mostly leftist Five Star Movement (started by Beppe Grillo) took home more than 30 percent of the vote. Although progressive in most of its views, FSM is also eurosceptic, making its resounding victory a major problem for Brussels. The Five Star Movement’s brother-of-another-mother, the right-wing Lega Nord (Northern League), also performed extremely well with around 17 percent of the vote, making it Italy’s third party. Current governing party PD (Democrats) was barely able to fight off Lega by finishing second with a mere 19-20 percent of the vote.

And Berlusconi’s Forza Italia? They had to settle for fewer votes than Lega Nord, probably ending up with 13-15 percent.

Together, Lega Nord and the Five Star Movement could — theoretically — govern the country. Chances of them doing so are rather slim, however. As such, it’s likely that Italy will now have a hung parliament. As La Stampa splashed on its front page today: “Di Maio wins, Italy ungovernable.” Luigi Di Maio is FSM’s leader.

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