The profit-fueled rise of partisan journalism is tearing America apart

The profit-fueled rise of partisan journalism is tearing America apart

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… [T]he election of 2016 produced two “rivers” in U.S. media. … One of those rivers is thoroughly inundated with anti-Trump, #NeverTrump debris and sediment. The other is almost wholly free of those ingredients.

It isn’t just cable news, though MSNBC and CNN are mostly in the former and Fox News almost wholly in the latter. The “two rivers” effect is mostly the result of the self-selected flows we direct ourselves to via Twitter feeds and chosen for us by Facebook’s and Google’s almighty algorithms. News consumers have to consciously seek out the other wellspring to make sure they aren’t isolated from 40 percent of the country’s views and heartfelt beliefs.

Some activists don’t care that they don’t know what the other part of politicized America is feeling, much less thinking. But serious people know how destructive this condition is, both short- and long-term. Democrats who aren’t reading Andrew C. McCarthy about the special counsel investigation or David French about guns are willfully committing themselves to ignorance. The same goes for Republicans ignoring Nicholas Kristof on gun violence. …

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