Hillary says we must ‘address’ role of social media before midterms to prevent ‘it’ from happening again

Hillary says we must ‘address’ role of social media before midterms to prevent ‘it’ from happening again

[Ed. – What could she possibly mean by ‘it’?]

Hillary Clinton sounded the alarm Monday; she knows the 2018 elections are around the corner so conservatives on social media sharing articles and ideas must be censored.

The irony of Hillary using Twitter to call for social media censorship. She’s allowed to express herself, but the peasants must be stifled.

Hillary tweeted, “We should all care about how social media platforms play a part in our democratic process. Because unless it’s addressed it will happen again. The midterms are in 8 months. We owe it to our democracy to get this right, and fast.”

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The social media giants are fiercely working to de-platform, shadowban and censor Trump supporters, conservatives and Christians only. They constantly accuse us of being ‘Russian bots’.

Gateway Pundit’s founder and Editor-in-Chief Jim Hoft along with fearless warrior Pamela Geller recently held a panel in Washington D.C. to address tech giants silencing conservatives through algorithms.


YouTube is purging and demonetizing conservatives as well. This week, Infowars’ founder Alex Jones was hit with a second strike from YouTube and faces the possibility of using his YouTube channel which has a tremendous following.

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