If Jared Kushner couldn’t get a security clearance, how could Ben Rhodes?

If Jared Kushner couldn’t get a security clearance, how could Ben Rhodes?

[Ed. – Not sauce for the gander]

With all the talk about President Trump’s trusted adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner being denied a top-secret security clearance by White House chief of staff John Kelly, it’s natural to wonder why this happened and just how tough the standards are.  Was it some business dealing?  Was he too cozy with Israel?  Was it something to do with the nomenklatura-style status game security clearances amount to in the Beltway, and Kushner’s status as an outsider?  No idea.  There doesn’t seem to be any reason to think he would be an actual national security threat.  The whole thing looks a lot like fallout from the Rob Porter scandal, which put Kelly under fire and must have resulted in an extreme tightening of standards.

Be that as it may, it stands in sharp contrast to a time when there were no standards at all for the issuance of security clearances, and it wasn’t long ago.

Exhibit A is Ben Rhodes, President Obama’s former “mind meld,” sniveling twerp, and eventually Obama’s deputy national security adviser for strategic communications.  If Jared Kushner couldn’t get a fancy security clearance, how could Ben Rhodes?

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