6 reasons why your right-wing friend isn’t budging on gun control

6 reasons why your right-wing friend isn’t budging on gun control
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1. We Rarely Get to Come to the Conversation in Good Faith

The most destructive, divisive response when dealing with Second Amendment advocates is the notion that we aren’t on your side of the issue because we “don’t care” about the tragedy and loss of life. Two years ago at Christmas I had a family member, exasperated that I wasn’t agreeing about gun control, snarl, “It appears that if your [step] daughter was killed because of gun violence you wouldn’t even care!”


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2. The ‘Blood on Their Hands’ Attacks Are Offensive

The constant screaming about the National Rifle Association’s influence means nothing to many of today’s gun owners, but the “blood on their hands” attacks do. The NRA certainly has policy sway on Capitol Hill, but to the average gun owner it’s seen as the first line of defense, not a holy church with Wayne LaPierre as the pope.


Unfortunately, celebrities and loud voices in the media appear to use NRA and “gun owners” interchangeably.

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