Flashback: Broward Sheriff’s deputy tells mosque leaders they need to arm up and defend themselves

Flashback: Broward Sheriff’s deputy tells mosque leaders they need to arm up and defend themselves
Nezar Hamze, Broward Sheriff's deputy and CAIR director, records a video on mosque safety in 2016. (Image: Screen grab of CAIR video, YouTube)

[Ed. – H/t: Twitchy. This was in 2015.  Broward Sheriff’s Deputy Nezar Hamze, also a regional director for CAIR, was leading active-shooter training for a Tampa-area mosque (yes, in a different part of Florida; clearly, Hamze is considered a special resource and probably does a lot of training and outreach beyond Broward County).  Much different perspective from the “Guns are the problem!” mentality being shown in 2018 by Sheriff Israel.  Note: not clear why Twitchy (not the Fusion report) calls Hamze a female.  He’s in a lot of videos and has spoken to a lot of news organizations, and is clearly a male.]

[Nezar] Hamze, a Broward County Sheriff’s Office deputy, practicing Muslim, and regional operations director for CAIR, was leading an active shooter training for the Tampa-area Daarus Salaam Mosque. The goal: to help worshipers understand how they can better protect their loved ones and their mosque from Islamophobic shooters.

“When someone walks through that door, they don’t want to debate. They want to kill you,” Hamze explained. This year, 13 CAIR-sponsored active shooter trainings have been held in mosques across Florida, the only state to have done so, a CAIR representative said.

As part of a comprehensive safety plan, he urged mosque leaders to put together a safety and security council, consisting of members who have concealed carry permits who are on the site at all times. Attendees should also consider buying guns for themselves and their homes, he suggested.

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A man in the crowd asked if being a Muslim gun owner might send the wrong message to the world, in a time where Muslims everywhere are acutely aware of being stereotyped as being violent.

“Are you gonna be more worried about that, or are you gonna be worried about protecting your family?” Hamze responded.

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