Guy the Democrats would be smart to run in 2020 is…L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti?

Guy the Democrats would be smart to run in 2020 is…L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti?

[Ed. – Right.  Garcetti is prissy, laundry-list center-leftish, and forgettable.  Sure, run him, dudes.  I don’t think the Democrats have any idea whom they really want to run — but I doubt they’ll be looking to George Will for advice.]

Recent history does not suggest that America has such a surplus of presidential talent that it can afford to spurn an audition by a mayor who governs where over 40 percent of waterborne imports enter the country — through the L.A. and Long Beach ports. Where more than 50 percent of residents are immigrants or the children of immigrants. Where immigrants from more than 30 nations form those nations’ largest overseas communities. …

[H]e brings practicality to the ideological argument about “sanctuary cities”: When a Korean immigrant who became a citizen and then an L.A. cop was shot, not fatally, witnesses and others in the neighborhood, many of them likely illegal immigrants, came forward with information that enabled the police to capture her assailant within hours. Such police-community cooperation is, Garcetti says, jeopardized when local police are viewed as closely allied with federal immigration enforcement.

Garcetti, 47, is a generation younger than some progressives’ pinups (Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden). … He suggests a rule for those who are perpetually enraged about the president: “You only get five minutes a day to yell at your TV.”

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